NFL’s new digital video library includes new movies online

NEW YORK — has launched its digital video streaming library featuring a new selection of over 20,000 films from across the league’s history.

The NFL has a number of digital streaming offerings in the works, but the NFL Digital Video Library has been named the first of its kind to feature movies from the NFL’s 70-year history.

In addition to the full NFL archive, the NFL has added more than 15,000 movies to its online library as well as new titles from its recently announced “Boys of Steel” series.

The online library includes more than 5,000 of the NFLs best-known franchises, including the Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Washington Redskins, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings.

Among the games featured in the new collection are Super Bowl XLIX, Super Bowl XXXVIII, Superbowl XLIX rematch, the 2008 AFC Championship Game, Superdome game, SuperDome Super Bowl, SuperBowl XLIX and SuperBucs Wildcat.

Included on the library are new movies, TV series, documentaries and short documentaries.

“The NFL is constantly innovating in order to offer fans more choices and more content,” NFL CEO Troy Vincent said in a statement.

“We are thrilled to offer the best content from the league, its teams and players in a variety of formats.”

The NFL also added several films that are only available online.

The NFL Films online video collection includes the original films and films from its original library, including: