Why are we obsessed with love movies online?

Medical News Now article The average movie ticket in the United States is now more than $50,000, according to a report by movie-going website MovieTickets.com.

And if you’re looking for a romantic comedy, that’s $20,000.

But there’s a good chance you’re not looking for one of those, or even the likes of The Big Short or The Revenant.

Instead, the average movie is about $6,000 for a standard four-ticket package.

That means you can spend less than $10 on a romantic film, but that’s still plenty of money to see a bunch of great movies in one sitting.

The study, published in the Journal of Consumer Research, compared the average ticket price of movies purchased online to the price of a single-screen cinema ticket.

And it found that the average online movie ticket is $6.79, which is a far cry from the $75 the average theater ticket is worth.

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