UK to pay for online streaming of ‘Doctor Who’ films online in 2018

By Kate TillinghastIn the UK, there will be no direct-to-home streaming of Doctor Who episodes, BBC Worldwide announced.

Instead, the corporation plans to stream Doctor Who online, as well as its other TV shows, in the UK from 2018.

The announcement comes just months after Netflix announced plans to launch an app that will allow users to watch TV shows and movies online.

The BBC said it was not yet clear whether the UK will be one of the first countries to offer the new streaming service.

“The BBC is always open to new ideas, and we will continue to explore new ways of engaging with our audiences, including by making online services available in other countries,” the corporation said.

“This is not a decision that has been taken lightly and we welcome the opportunity to explore how we can make it possible for fans to experience our programmes on a wide range of platforms.”

A similar plan has already been announced in Germany, and the German broadcaster NDR recently announced plans for a similar streaming service that would stream the TV shows of its German sister station, RBB.

The BBC, however, is not the only one to consider streaming its shows online.

Netflix has announced plans in the US to offer its streaming service in a similar manner.