Naniwa and Mamphela play in ‘The Lost World: Jurassic Park’ online: Mamphelelele

Movie-goers in Nigeria can enjoy Naniwas “The Lost Worlds” and “Jurassic Park” online.

The two-part film, which stars Naniwan, Mamphetla and others, will be available to watch on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu Plus and Vudu starting Tuesday, November 9.

The movie is a collaboration between Naniwinas production company, Mumphele and production house Naniya Productions.

“The first part of the movie was created in a studio in the capital, Abuja, by the filmmakers,” Mampha said.

“They were shooting in Abuja when we had a meeting with them, and they said that we should come to Abuja.

So we went to the studios there, and after we finished shooting, we started shooting.

We didn’t have a set schedule.

We shot everything.

And it was a very quick production.”

The second part, titled “Jursa,” will premiere in theaters on Nov. 14, followed by the third part, “The Forgotten World,” on Nov 10.

“Juries are not always fair.

The film will bring justice to people’s lives,” Mampso said.

The duo was inspired by the events that happened in “The Last Samurai,” a Japanese film about a group of samurai.

“We wanted to tell a story that was different from the Japanese one.

It is a story of a group, of men, of samurai,” Mumphetla said.

Mampherle said he hopes his film will draw a more open audience.

“I think that the audience in Nigeria, especially in the country, is much more open now.

People are not afraid of violence,” he said.

“The Lost Kingdoms” is scheduled to hit the screens on Dec. 1.