‘Bizarre’ ‘Borgia’ film to be released in Ireland cinemas on July 10

A bizarre Borgia-inspired film will hit Irish cinemas July 10.

The Borgia movie, directed by James Molloy, will be the latest film from the Irish director to be shown on Irish cinemascope in recent months.

Its release will be part of a festival in the city of Cork, which also includes performances from The Rolling Stones, Queen Latifah and The Killers.

Dublin City Council’s chief executive, Councillor Cathal O’Keeffe, said the city’s cinemas would be “the perfect venue” to show the film.

“This is the latest in a string of innovative projects from Irish artists, and we’re proud of the work we’ve done over the past few years to support creative Irish cinema and to ensure that the local film community has access to quality, immersive entertainment,” she said.

“It is a testament to the talent of the Irish cinematographers and the incredible support they’ve received from the film industry in recent years that we have this film now available to Irish audiences.”

Borgias film is a dark and violent film with scenes of murder and mayhem.

Its title comes from the word ‘borgia’, meaning ‘black sheep’.

Its producers say it is about the Borgias ‘fear of being black sheep’ and the “savage” nature of the Borgia family.

“We’re not talking about a film that is about killing and mayhem,” producer Michael McCarthy said.

“This is about fear.

There’s a real fear of being Borgias.

We want people to think that this is not an ordinary family and that the Borgas have something that they want to gain.”

The Borgias film will also feature the voices of several actors, including Sean Connery, Paul Bettany, Gary Oldman and Martin Freeman.

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