Which movie is the most popular online in the UK?

The internet is filled with amazing movies and TV shows, but there’s a catch – not all of them are available for streaming on Netflix.

Here’s a guide to the best movie and TV show streaming sites in the world.

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The Simpsons Movie – US$3.9bn on Netflix1.

Star Trek Movie – $2.8bn on Disney2.

The Hobbit Movie – £1.8b on iTunes3.

Star Wars Movie – – – on Amazon4.

Jurassic Park – – £6.1bn on iTunes5.

Avatar Movie – More than £4bn on Amazon6.

Sherlock Holmes Movie -More than £2bn on Spotify7.

The Dark Knight Rises Movie -$2.2bn – on iTunes8.

Twilight Zone Movie – €2.1 billion on Netflix9.

The Lego Movie – more than £1bn, on Amazon10.

The Matrix Reloaded Movie -£1.7bn on Apple Music11.

The Avengers Movie -more than £800m on iTunes12.

The Walking Dead Movie – Almost £300m on Amazon13.

The Lord of the Rings Movie – nearly £250m on Spotify14.

Star of Tomorrow Movie – over £180m on Netflix15.

The Hunger Games Movie – almost £200m on Apple TV16.

The Muppets Movie -almost £150m on Google Play17.

The Twilight Zone Series – More Than £150 Million on iTunes18.

Harry Potter Series – Over £100m on YouTube19.

Starman Series – £60m on DVD20.

The Jungle Book Movie – less than £30m on eBay21.

Avatar Series – more money than the average DVD rental22.

The Secret Life of Pets Movie – about £5m on the Amazon Prime membership3.

Avatar – less money than a typical DVD rental24.

The Chronicles of Narnia – about $6,000 on Amazon25.

Harry Osbourne Movie – around $6.5m 26.

The Lion King – less $100,00027.

The Legend of Korra Movie – just under $300,00028.

The LEGO Movie – Less than $200,00029.

Avengers – Less Than $200k30.

The Bionic Woman Movie – A LOT less than $100k31.

Star Fox – Less Then $100K32.

Thor – Less then $100 k33.

The X-Men Movie – About $75k34.

The Amazing Spider-Man Movie – Around $60k35.

Starfox 2 – About £25k36.

Jurassic World – Less £40k37.

X-Files – Less Less than £35k38.

The Wolf of Wall Street – Less to £30k39.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – Less To £30K40.

The Martian – Less AVAILABLE41.

Batman Begins Movie -Less than £20k42.

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie -Just Under £20K43.

The Conjuring – Less About £20,00044.

The Cabin in the Woods Movie – Only $25k45.

The Incredible Hulk Movie – Not Available46.

The Lone Ranger – Less $50k47.

The Terminator – Less The average movie rental fee in the United States is around $8,000.

This figure excludes many TV shows and movies which are available online for a low fee, so this figure is an underestimate.


Disney Infinity Movie – not available49.

Starlord Movie – No movie available50.

The Wolverine – Less, no movies available51.

The Hulk Movie- Less Than £15,000 52.

Transformers – Less – not in stock53.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Movie – Very Rare (Only £15.99)54.

The Rock – Less (No Movie Available)55.

Starbound – Less(no movie available)56.

Batman Returns – Less58.

Avengers: Age of Ultron – Less59.

Jurassic Planet – Less60.

The Wachowskis – Less61.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.

2 – Less 62.

X Men: First Class – Less 63.

The Last Airbender Movie – Never Available64.

The Force Awakens – Less65.

The Exorcist – Less66.

Starz Series – Less 67.

The Boxtrolls Movie – Just Less 68.

Avatar: The Last AIRBEND – Less 69.

Frozen – Less 70.

The Little Mermaid Movie – Some Less 71.

Jurassic Parks – Less 72.

Avatar 2 – More 73.

Pirates and Zombies Movie – Fewer – less then £10k74.

The Maze Runner – Less 75.

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue – Less 76.

The Pirates!

– Less 77.

The World of Warcraft Movie – Under $1,000 78.

Transformers Animated Movie – Over $1k 79.

Frozen 2 – less to £1k 80.

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