How to watch a red movie with the iPad app

The iPad app for Red is now available to download and use for the first time.

It allows users to browse movies with a variety of different modes, including video, picture and audio, which makes the app a useful tool for people who are looking for a quick way to get a Red fix.

Here are some ways to use the app, which is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

In a video, you can watch movies and TV shows from around the world on the iPad with a red screen.

A second video shows you how to find a movie, a movie trailer and a trailer description.

The app is available now on the App Store and iTunes App Store.

Red has also added a new feature, where you can choose whether to watch the film or TV show from a list of available options.

The app also includes a “movie recommendation” function that will suggest movies based on the quality and subject matter of the movie.

In the video above, you see the recommended movies on a list, and you can then pick from those movies.

The new feature is available on the iOS app for iPhone and iPad, as well as in the Appstore and iTunes Store.

The Apple TV is now the only way to stream Red to the iPad.