Australian films are a hot commodity on Amazon Australia

Australian movies are becoming a popular seller on Amazon, with Amazon Australia reporting a surge in sales over the last 24 hours.

The online retailer reported its Australian movie listings have more than doubled since it began tracking sales for its Australia section, and are now up by over 3,000 per cent compared to last week.

Sales of Australian films have doubled since last week, Amazon saysThe numbers show that Australian movies have become a popular choice for Amazon customers, with the Australian Classification Board estimating that the total number of listings increased by more than 6,000 in the 24 hours to Thursday.

Amazon’s sales data suggests that Australian cinema is currently the top selling genre, but there is a slight dip in the US, where the genre is being dominated by American movies.

Australia is also leading the country in terms of the number of Amazon listings, and with over 50,000 listings for films available online, there is no shortage of content.

Amazon Australia, a division of Amazon Australia, said its sales increased by 3,500% from the 24th of March to the 1st of April.

Australian film listings are also up by 2,000% from last week to the same date.

The Amazon Australia division is part of the US division of the online retailer, which is currently operating its US division at a loss.

The company has also reported strong performance in Australia.

In its latest quarterly financial results, Amazon reported that Australian sales increased 6,800 per cent from the year before.

The division reported that sales were up by 3 per cent to $4.9 billion, which equates to $14.7 billion of annual sales.

The Australian Classification board, which regulates the classification of films in Australia, expects the number to continue to increase as the film market expands, and the number and types of films are updated more frequently.

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