The Lincoln Movie: The Movie, Not the Movie

The Lincoln movie: The movie, not the movie, is the title of the 2016 movie Lincoln.

But not every Lincoln movie has been a success, and a new film is hoping to change that.

The Lincoln Movie, a production company by the film’s production company, Imposters, and executive producer of the upcoming Lincoln, Adam Brody, is bringing a brand new Lincoln to theaters nationwide, and it’s looking to put it to good use.

Impostors is partnering with Warner Bros. Pictures to produce Lincoln, a drama that chronicles the life of Abraham Lincoln, and Brody said that the movie will be a “true, true American story.”

“Our goal is to tell the story of Abraham, the man and the man’s family, who are on the forefront of American history, and the journey that they’ve been on in pursuit of liberty,” Brody told THR.

“When Lincoln made his way to the White House in 1860, there were no slaves in America, and he was the first president to call for a Constitutional Convention to draft a new nation,” Brodys told THR, referring to the first convention of the Constitution in 1787.

“We want to show that this time, Abraham was right and he’s not forgotten.”

Lincoln is set to premiere in theaters nationwide on Aug. 17.

ImPosters said that its plan is to use the Lincoln story as a vehicle to tell a story about the role that technology has played in American history.

“In our movie, we’re using technology to show the incredible journey that our nation has taken in the pursuit of freedom, and how it’s impacted the lives of millions of Americans,” Impostrs president and CEO, Mark Schlesinger, said in a statement.

“Our goal in creating the Lincoln movie is to create a movie that will resonate with the audience, and that will give Americans a new, fresh way to look at our nation.”

Lent has been the subject of a lot of speculation lately, with a variety of news outlets claiming that the new movie will star a white actor, but Impostirs president and chief creative officer, Daniel Belson, said that he doesn’t think that will be the case.

“We’re going to see what the story is and who is in the movie,” Belson said.

“Lent is the story that Abraham Lincoln is best known for, and our goal is not to play it like a movie about the civil rights movement, but we want to tell it in the most accurate way possible.

We want to play the movie as an American story, and Lincoln’s role in that is very important to us.”

Brody added that Impostr is also working on a sequel to the film, but that it will not be an independent production.

“Impostors does not have a sequel, but is in talks with the studio about making one,” he said.

“Our aim is to bring to the American people a Lincoln that is as true to the original as possible,” he continued.

“It’s a story that’s been told before, but with an updated twist.

This time, Lincoln’s legacy is being honored, not erased.

We will tell the Lincoln stories that make history.”

Imposters plans to release a trailer for the Lincoln Movie on Aug, 23.

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