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Haramkhur in Mumbai is the latest movie in the Haram Khor movie series, which features a gang of misfits who must escape from their dangerous hometown and settle down in a small village.

The movie’s tagline is “The village is alive,” but that’s not exactly true as it’s actually set in a faraway country with no internet or smartphones.

It’s not just the remote location of Haramkhar, the movie tells us, that makes this film so appealing.

There’s also the fact that the characters all speak different dialects, making them sound different.

“I thought it would be nice to give a different feel to the story,” said actor Kunal Gupta.

“It’s the story of how people are living and how they’re living in a way that’s different from other parts of the world.”

So what makes this movie special?

The film is set in Haramkl, a rural area in Maharashtra, but is set to the tune of about three hours.

There are no real towns or cities to speak of, but the village does have a few small villages.

“This movie is very much set in the village and it’s very similar to a typical rural story,” Gupta said.

The cast is mostly local residents of Harampal, a village in the far-off state of Andhra Pradesh, but there are also locals from other places in the region.

“We didn’t do anything different to the original movie,” Gupta added.

The characters are all voiced by local actors.

“There’s only a few actors that are not locals, but we made sure that the actors were local and that they were not actors that had done any other kind of films,” said director Kunal Singh, who also co-wrote the script.

The local actors were chosen because they were well known to local audiences, Singh said.

For the most part, the characters are normal people who live in a very isolated area.

“Most of them have no idea of how to communicate with anyone else,” said Gupta.

Even when they do have some sort of internet connection, they are still quite shy and introverted.

“Most of the time, the locals don’t want to see the film, because they’re scared that they’ll be attacked,” he said.

“If there is anything that they see on the internet, they will just delete it and leave.”

The film stars a couple, Komal and Manoj, as they travel around the countryside trying to find a new home for their family.

They meet a couple from a nearby village, which also happens to be the village where they live, and they decide to move in together.

The couple eventually move into a small house where they start to become more comfortable.

“At the end of the film when we meet Komal, he says, ‘You’ve been living in this village for the last two years,'” Gupta said, adding that the couple have no problems communicating with each other.

“He’s a really nice guy and he knows his place.”

The movie is set on the rural outskirts of Harampsagar, which is just north of Mumbai.

There aren’t any cities in the area, so it is a very remote place.

But the film does have some city references, as the characters’ home is built in a large city, Harampalsagar, on a nearby hill.

There are two main characters, Kal and Mano, who are both very reserved and quiet.

They don’t interact with the other villagers, which can be a problem for the actors, Gupta said.

“Komal is very shy, and he’s very introverted,” Gupta explained.

“When we meet him, he’s kind of in his own world, and we just get to see him interact with other people.

Manoj is very confident, very confident in his personality and his own life.”

The couple’s relationship isn’t as strained as in the original HaramKhor movie, but it’s still not great.

“They have a lot of distance, and it is not as romantic as it could be,” Gupta joked.

“So when you meet them, they’re like, ‘Okay, I can go to your place.

I’ll see you later,'” he added.

“The one problem is they do not speak Hindi, so there’s a bit of an issue there.

But it is still very enjoyable.”

It’s also worth noting that there is a strong religious component to the movie.

“What you’ll see in this movie is the way that people worship,” Gupta continued.

“This is not the kind of film that’s about worship, it’s not about religious stuff.

But we do see how people of different faiths are worshiping, and people of all religions are worshipers.”

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